Message from Mitch regarding hurricane IRMA.

Hurricane Irma Relief Paintings

The only thing Irma didn't take was my loved ones, my paintings, And my Astro Van!

To my friends and collectors. Category 5 hurricane Irma has nearly destroyed the Beautiful island I call home! My studio and home were compromised by flooding and wind damage. I was one step ahead when I put all my best originals in the bathroom of Grand Palazzo at the Ritz Carlton, where I am the artist is residence. The others in my bathroom at home. They have all survived nicely and are basically all I have for the near future. If you have ever considered buying one of my originals this would be an incredibly important time to do it!

I desperately need your help! I am not the only one, so I will donate 10% of any purchase to local relief efforts. If you want a piece and need to discuss anything with me, please text me directely at 340-626-6305



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